Major Holes Blown In Kavanaugh’s Accusers’ Stories, Media Ignores

Derek Hunter | Contributor

It was a day of letters — disturbing letters involving the women who made allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh that could, and should, lead to serious questions regarding the truthfulness of the accusers. So damning are these letters that the media, which has been hyping these stories and reporting unsubstantiated claims without question, won’t bother to investigate in order to protect the liberal narrative.

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An alleged ex-boyfriend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claims that despite them living together for years, she never mentioned any assault of any kind to him. He also says she fraudulently used a joint credit card they had after they’d broken up, only admitting it once the threatened to involve authorities.

Most damning, however, was his sworn statement that he witnessed Dr. Ford help a friend prepare for a polygraph test for a job with the FBI. Ford claimed she was upset and confused during her own polygraph test because she’d never seen or been around one before. The ex-boyfriend’s statement directly contradicts that claim. One of them is lying to Congress.

An actual journalistic investigation into another Ford claim about how she first told her husband about the allegation about Kavanaugh in 2012 in couples therapy after a home renovation. Permits show the renovation began in 2008.

The real problem is no journalist has bothered to fact check these or any other claims by Ford because they want to believe her. “Believe victims,” they say. But for there to be a victim there has to be a perp. The complete lack of proof or evidence to back up Ford’s claims hasn’t stood in the way of them being repeated as if they’re fact, so questioning and researching them serves no purpose for liberal journalists. The narrative must be fed.

Julie Swetnick’s story also came under fire when a former local weather man and Democratic candidate for Congress came forward to cast doubt on her story. The details are graphic and paint a sad picture of Michael Avenatti’s No. 2 client.

We talk about it all on the show today, give it a listen.

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