This Dash Cam Lets You Record High-Definition Videos In Any Weather

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Whether you’ve been driving for years or months, it’s smart to invest in tools that keep you safe while on the road. With a GoSafe Super Wide Angle Dash Cam, protect yourself with a feature-rich cam that captures the entire scene in front of you — no matter the weather or time of day — in high definition.

Normally $170, this HD dash cam is 35 percent off

Normally $170, this HD dash cam is 35 percent off

GoSafe 535 1296p Super Wide Angle Dash Cam on sale for $109.99

The dash cam records in 1296p resolution with a 160º wide angle. Meaning, it gives you a crystal clear, complete view of everything happening before your car while on the road. Even better, it comes with a suction cup and a 3M adhesive mount, so you can set it up however you like. And this dash cam — unlike so many others on the market — captures HD footage any time of the day and in any weather condition. So, if you’re driving late at night while it’s raining, GoSafe 535 grabs the same quality of video as if it were sunny without a cloud in the sky.

Beyond capturing HD video, this dash cam comes with other helpful features. Its built-in G-sensor automatically saves recordings in the event of a collision, so you’ve got video evidence that supports your side of the story. Best of all, the dash cam has a driver assist feature, which helps prevent you from getting into an accident in the first place.

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